Retail fitout or “shopfitting” is the process of making suitable interior space. It means fitting out service stores or retail shops with equipment, fittings, and fixtures. This applies to all kinds of outlets, from corner shops to hypermarkets. Every retail space needs the right fitout to impress and attract modern age customers. It is one of the creative ways to improve your sales. Undoubtedly, you can fill your shelves with high-quality products to increase your sales, but to stay ahead, you have to furnish your store with the best interior.

Are you searching for a retail fitout company for a fresh new interior? As you know, there are many retail fitout companies in Australia, while choosing a company you must keep some important things in mind because a single wrong decision could have a drastic effect on your project and business. This article will help you in choosing the right shopfitting company.

The importance of a good fitout In your retail space

Your shop is a reflection of your brand and company. So, it should be a place that accurately upholds your brand reputation. It is vital to go for quality retail fittings that provide a memorable experience for consumers. A good storefront and fitout can draw new customers inside to increase foot traffic.

Foot traffic

In this digital era, where online shopping has become a trend among most consumers, brick-and-mortar merchants need to be more creative and smarter to increase foot traffic. When your retail store’s foot traffic increases, more customers engage and ultimately, the sale will increase. When your retail store has an appealing curbside, the more passerby or customers are enticed to enter your store. Go beyond the usual windows display by having unique elements such as welcoming customers with an inspiring message that can spark instant engagements.

Shopping experience

If you go back to 50’s or 60’s retail stores, you can see that all the retail stores have the same pattern and layout. The following years business owners have been trying to improve the shopping experience, and since online shopping has increased, your customers want a unique and branded shopping experience.

These days, to attract new customers, your store must have something special. It does not matter what your store’s size is and how much high-quality products you have in your stores. It’s about the experience. For example: When you are selling running shoes. Consider putting astroturf in the middle of your shop. Your customers are able to test the product in a real use case and can make a better choice. Make sure you can customize the way the shoe fit. Being in a store with the right environment can set you apart from any website.
Another way to make the shopping experience pleasant, you can change the layout every season or introduce plants and fragrances at appropriate times. In this way, you can create a different look every season with your retail fitout company’s help and give your customers a new experience every time they visit your store. When a customer enjoys the environment, they will definitely come back to your store, and as a result, your sale will increase.

Type of retail fitout services

While choosing a retail fitout company, you must see what kind of services it is providing. No matter the size and type of your store, good retail fitout companies offer you different types of services. These services cover you for the renovation, refurbishment and or fitout of your new retail store.

A good retail company always has a team of designers and builders that understand your business’s requirements and offers fitout services accordingly. It offers stunning commercial designs for your new retail stores. If you want to refurbish or renovate your shop, the expert team of designers listen to your requirements and offers you creative design that is a combination of both traditional and modern materials. Therefore, before making a final decision, you must look for the company’s services and expertise. NEOGO can help you find the right retail fitout company. Tell us about your requirements, location, budget and timeframe. We’ll find you available, experienced and trustworthy companies. When you decide to use NEOGO’s services to find a contractor you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. All contractors are pre-vetted, own the right paperwork and have experience within the industry. It’s an easy approach to find, compare and select fitout companies.

Permits required for a retail fitout

Fitting out your retail store is an exciting as well as a challenging task. Once you have decided to do design the interior for your store, you must obtain several approvals before beginning the project. Depending on the state and council you are at. You have to get any one of the DA or CDC approval, ensuring that your retail fitout meets all the local building standards. In order to know which permit you require, it is vital to understand the difference between DA and CDC.

DA (Development Application)

Generally, you will need a DA when working on a building that has never been used for a commercial purpose previously or working on a heritage-listed building. With this approval, you have the authority to make certain changes to the building. To get this permit, you have to contact your local council.

CDC (Complying Development Certificate)

A CDC is required when you move to a building that is already used for commercial purposes. In this case, there are no changes occurring to the building’s use. It is relatively easy to get a CDC as you can get it from a private certifier. All companies who work with NEOGO can help with this process, which makes sure you don’t experience any delays or unwanted surprises.

What to look for when comparing shopfitters?

Choosing the right shopfitting company is no easy task, so we have prepared a little list that can help you compare and select the right company for your shop.

  • Pick a shopfitting company with an attractive portfolio When selecting the right company, you must see if the company has a proven good track record. You must look at a company’s portfolio to know everything about them. Generally, a reputable and well-known company would have a diverse portfolio to show, and they typically invite clients to visit the stores they have fitted out.
  • Communication is the key! You have to ensure the shopfitting company you choose is easy to communicate with. Always make sure that the company and you are on the same page, especially in terms of the shop’s look and feel. If there ever is a communication error, you may have to pay for some costly changes later. The best approach is to figure out your ideas and properly discuss them with the company, so they give you the results you want.
  • Price isn’t everything – don’t choose a company offering cheap services. While it may be tempting to choose cheap services, don’t forget why those services are cheap. You will most probably get poor workmanship and faulty materials, both of which can affect your store’s mood and ambiance. Even if the fitout turns out to be good, there is no guarantee of its durability. So, for quality fitout services, choose a company with accreditations. Look into the company’s experience and customer feedback.
  • Choose a company that keeps you updated. Your shopfitting company must explain to you’re the whole process, so you know how your shop is going to turn out. From the design stage till the execution, you shouldn’t shy away from asking questions about the company’s design choices. Every lighting, fitting, and fixture has to serve a purpose to improve your customers’ shopping experience.

What are the costs of a retail fitout?

For the cost, there is no one size fits all answer. However, you should expect to spend between $500 and $1500 per square metre. We have developed a free to use calculator to estimate your project cost. When determining the costs of your projects there are also 4 key reasons why some fitouts are more expensive compared to others:

  • Project timeline: the timeline for your work will determine the cost of your retail fitout. If the timeline is short, that means it would include extra hours and more weekends, which will increase the cost of the project.
  • look at how much stuff you have and space you will need to carry out business. Also, it is good to consider the space you will need when the business grows. This is a huge factor in determining the cost of the whole fitout.
  • Structural changes: structural changes are not common, but if required, they do increase the cost of your fitout. Structural changes like demolitions take time and can be complex.
  • The accessibility of the job site: A big factor in the costs is the location of the project. Do workers have to work in the after-hours, can vans easily unload and is there space for a skip bin? Depending on these factors the costs of a fit out can vary.

Find the right fitout company today

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