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No, office renovations are exempted from council approval, as long are there are only non-structural changes being made to the building. Anything you change within the office interior does not require council approval.

Depending on the office space and complexity, a renovation project takes between 1 and 8 weeks. Small office adjustments and office partitions only take a week. If you make a lot of changes to your workspace, you might need to get an extensive plan and consider elaborate project management.

Some builders can renovate your office space over the weekend. Or in the after-hours. Expect to pay extra, as labour is more expensive in these hours. Always ask your builder about the possibilities and associated costs.

This totally depends on your needs, floorplan and whether you need new office furniture. FitoutFinder recommends to always compare at least 3 builders for your renovation project.

Yes, make sure to discuss insurance needs before commencing a renovation project. Don’t forget to check the builder’s insurance too. When working with a registered builder you have the certainty that they are insured.

Fitoutfinder connects businesses with office renovation and office refurbishment companies. It’s the easiest way to change the office layout and work environment within an existing structure. When you’re undertaking an office refurbishment project, you want to make sure you make a huge impact on the existing space. It’s very important to develop an interior design that optimizes the air quality, floor plan and employee productivity. Fitoutfinder connects you with builders who know everything about office design and can help you make decisions around the floor plan, partitioning systems, decorative wall panels, floor space, lighting, and flooring.

Renovation without relocation

The best way to inspire your staff is to create a new working environment. Sometimes this means you are required to relocate your business, but for the budget-conscious directors, an office renovation or office refurbishment can achieve the same goal. Australian fitout builders offer office renovation services without any disturbance to the day-to-day operations. most office renovations can happen during the early or late hours during the week or during the weekend. Finding fitout companies who are capable to project manage your office renovation can be difficult. This is where NEOGO comes in. NEOGO grants you access to NT‘s largest network of fitout builders. Simply, enter your job specs and NEOGO will find you 3 builders to quote on your project.

Office partitioning

Small office adjustments and design changes such as partitioning your open plan office change the entire look and feel of the workplace. Renovating and refurbishing your office does not have to be expensive, little changes such as partitioning don’t break the bank but really rejuvenate the working environment. Most builders have their own design teams who can help you with this. When you contact them, ask them for a small work quote instead of an office fitout.

New office fitout

When your office’s look and feel no longer reflects your company’s culture. There are 3 things you can do. 1; leave and move into a completely new office space. 2; Renovate and refurbish your current work environment with a few small adjustments. Finally, a completely new fitout is also a great option. At NEOGO we recommend businesses to select the right option with an experienced design and construct fitout builder. They can help you with a so-called stay-or-go analysis and draw up plans that suit your future company’s strategy.

New office design

Getting a new office interior, office floorplan and design shouldn’t be difficult. When redesigning your office space, selecting the right design team who helps you project manage the entire process from the design to construct gives you great peace of mind. NEOGO has NT‘s largest network of high-quality commercial fitout companies. Simply fill out your job request on the website and NEOGO will connect you with 3 builders who are ready and qualified to help you revamp your office environment.

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