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On average, Australian removalists charge between $40 and $55 per hour. Some Removalists also quote per project. What they charge depends on the complexity of the move.

At FitoutFinder, we recommend getting project quotes. This will help you keep control over your total relocation budget.

Not always, make sure to ask your contractor.

By law, removalists are not required to provide insurance for your furniture during a move. Most removalists are only insured to cover their own equipment. We recommend getting insurance yourself.

Australia has several brokers, A quick Google search to compare different rates will give you a clear idea about what insurance you need.

This depends on the business, but most removalists will minimise the time with good preparation. High-quality commercial removalists will do a pre-move assessment, check the floorplans of the new office so furniture goes into the right place straight away. A few removalists even provide overnight or weekend relocations.

Fast removalist service

Looking for fast commercial removalists? FitoutFinder helps businesses with their office relocation. Not only helps FitoutFinder with finding and comparing removalists in Australia, but FitoutFinder has a large network with fitout builders who help design and construct the interior of your new office. FitoutFinder is the one-stop-shop for your entire relocation project, making it the easiest and fastest way to select all the required services.

Office moving services

When looking to relocate your office selecting reputable removalists helps to make your office move a success. Office moves by itself are expensive endeavours and delays will only add to that cost. To reduce the risk associated with your office move, at FitoutFinder we advise you to hire an experienced project manager who can help you from moving offices to adjust fittings and fixtures. Previous tenants of your new office, might have had a different layout so data and electricity cables might be in different places. A lot of Australian business chose to select a fitout builder to ensure their new office meets their specific requirements.

Office furniture removals

Remove Commercial furniture from your office. FitoutFinder helps business to find commercial removalists for their office relocation. It’s the easiest way to find fast and reliable removalists in Australia.

Office relocation

Thinking about relocating your business to a different office? When searching for removalists, you’d want to compare at least 3 different companies for price, speed and quality.