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Background and past projects

Find a partner who can deliver on the vision you have for your project. Do they have a design department? And have they finished projects that are similar to what you are after?

Check for quality, environmental and safety standards

To avoid project delays and budget overruns make sure to check for safety, environmental and quality certificates. Contractors who are accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards will be able to deliver even the most complex projects.

Neogo advises you to engage a fitout contractor at least 3 months before move in date. To give you sufficient time to compare quotes and create a solid scope of work we recommend starting 6 months before you want to move into your space.

Typically, a simple office refurbishment in Australia starts at $500 per square meter. If you’re after a more executive fitout, you should expect to spend upto $2000 per square meter. Use or cost calculator to estimate a budget for your project.

Yes, this is a very common practice.

Most Australian builders can help you with the design and vision of your office space. If you want somewhat of a more unique look you can also hire a specialised interior designer.

Yes, most builders will help you with council approvals and CDC.

Yes, you probably need a CDC if you decide to change the interior of commercial buildings. We advise you to talk to your builder who can help you with the plans.

In Australia, tenants are responsible for the fitout of commercial buildings. However, some landlords will absorb the costs of a fitout to incentivize tenants to move into their premises.

This depends on the size and the complexity if the design. It’s advised to engage a builder as soon as possible. A fitout in a 300 square meter office should take between 5 and 8 weeks.

Yes, you can. The commercial property market is constantly changing. Depending on the supply and demand in the market you might have a great position to negotiate with your landlord.

Most builders will help you with your design as well. However, if you have found a great interior designer who can help you get your vision on paper, builders will help you with the construction phase.

Yes, we actually believe that you should have the same builder for the make-good in your old office and the fitout in the new location.

Most fitout companies would have deals with furniture suppliers and can negotiate discounts for you.

Office interior design

Most builders offer design services when you engage with them. When designing the interior of your office, planning is key. Your employees spend most of their lives in the office, so a well-designed office is vital. Your office design supports your company goals and helps with employee retention and productivity.

Build & construction

Office buildings in are being leased without any fitout. Tenants are responsible for fitting the office. This can be a simple fitout where the tenants furnish the office. Or a more extensive fitout, where the tenant engages a builder to place ceilings, walls, carpets, air conditioning and plumbing fixtures. Before engaging a builder, check your lease contract for the make-good clause. Some tenants can negotiate a rent-free period for the planned construction work.

Refurbishments & renovations

When refurbishing an office make sure to check whether you require council approval. Refitting an occupied office can be daunting so make sure to select an experienced project manager that can minimise the impact on your staff. Usually, dusty and noisy work can be done outside business hours.

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