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In the Australian commercial fitout industry, you can define 3 different refurbishment cost categories suiting a different budgets. 

A cost-effective office refurbishment will cost around $500 to $800 per square metre, a mid-rage refurbishment will cost anywhere between $800 to $1500 per square meter and a high-end interior will start at $1500 all the way up to $2500 per square metre.

Besides the obvious things to look for; experience of the builder and the costs of the project. It’s also important to understand how much of the work will be outsourced to subcontractors. When you have a small project, or are on a tight deadline it might make sense to hire a contractor who carries out all the work in-house.  It’s also very important to ask whether their team can work outside business hours to ensure minimal disruption to your business. 

A office refurbish is carried out in your existing office space with minimal disruption. A fitout is carried in a new space. Typically, fitout projects include more custom-built rigours solutions where an office refurbishment company makes adjustments to your new space.

A typical refurbishment project in a commercial space does not include furniture. However, most companies will be able to provide you with office desks and chairs at additional costs to complete your dream office environment.

NEOGO is the best place to compare office refurbishment companies. We have a network of over 1200 commercial fitout companies, which you can access by submitting a simple project brief. NEOGO will match you with available and local experts to complete your project. All contractors on the NEOGO platform have been verified for quality and service.

When starting a small refurbishment project you can expect your contractor to work with minimal disruption to your business. Many commercial refurbishment companies have experience with planning the work according to your business hours. Work that generates a lot of dust or noise can be completed in the evening.

Office interior design

When refurbishing the interior of your office, planning is key. Your employees spend most of their lives in the office, so a well-designed office has a massive impact on the bottom line of your business. Your office design supports your company goals and helps with employee retention and productivity. Typically, most Australia-based refurbishment companies can help you improve your floorplan and design your space. For most projects, you won’t need a separate architect or interior designer.

Building & construction in a leased space

Office buildings in Australia are being leased without any fitout. Tenants are responsible for fitting the office. This can be a simple fitout where the tenants furnish the office. Or a more extensive fitout, where the tenant engages a builder to install custom ceilings, walls, carpets, air conditioning and plumbing fixtures. Some tenants can negotiate a rent-free period for the planned construction work. It’s also becoming more common for landlords to contribute towards the fitout. Wh

Refurbishments & renovation services

When refurbishing an office make sure to check whether you require council approval. Refitting an occupied office can be daunting so make sure to select an experienced project manager that can minimise the impact on your staff. Usually, dusty and noisy work can be done outside business hours.