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Unless stated differently in the commercial lease agreement. In Australia, Tenants are responsible for the make-good strip out.

Depending on the location of your office, a make-good defit costs between $75 and $150 per square meter. Things, such as skip bin placement, traffic management plans and health and safety can spike up the price.

NEOGO helps tenants with their make-good by enabling easy access to Australia’s largest network of professional fitout companies. It’s the easiest way to request 3 competitive quotes at once.

Yes, at NEOGO we recommend comparing 3 separate quotes. In the end, you’re responsible and comparing defit companies will put you in a better negotiating position for your stripout project.

Office stripout

If you need your office completely empty for either a make-good or renovation, hire a strip out contractor to help you. When selecting a strip out / small demolition contractor make sure to obtain several options and compare at least 3 contractors. Pricing for a make-good strip out can vary between $50 and $100 per square meter. This pricing is heavily reliant on the location of the office, so invite contractors over to inspect the premises.

Commercial interior demolition

Interior demolition contractors can also help you with your make-good. Tenants are responsible for the make-good in almost all Commercial lease agreements. Tenants are required to remove all furniture, fixtures, joinery and custom ceilings. Before engaging a commercial demolition specialist, ask your landlord or double-check the make-good clause what needs to be removed.

End of lease make-good

Commercial lease agreements will include a make-good clause. This clause specifies that tenants are responsible to remove their fitout when they move out. The make-good clause contains all the mandatory items that need to be removed when leaving the premises.

For many tenants, the make-good comes as an unhappy surprise. The associated costs are higher than expected, so selecting the right builder and clearly defined project requirements can help you drive the cost down.

Office defit services

Finding a high-quality defit contractor can be difficult. The key is to start on time, You’d would want to engage a contractor as your lease is due to end or when taking on a new one. Tenants are responsible to defit the office fitout to make sure the space is ready to be leased for the new tenant. NEOGO helps tenants and landlords find and compare 3 defit contractors. It’s the easiest way in Australia to manage your relocation project.

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