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“In the end we decided to get an entire custom fitout for our office. Everybody is really excited about the custom furniture we got built.”

Jennifer, CEO

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No, NEOGO only helps you find and compare furniture suppliers who do have showrooms.

No sorry, we only deal with businesses who need multiple pieces of commercial furniture.

Yes, we actually recommend outsourcing your entire project to a design and construct fitout builder. It’s probably the fastest and most effective way to furnish your office.

That totally depends on the supplier you are going with. We recommend to ask about any shipping details before awarding the work to a furniture supplier.

An office fitout is the designing and installing of office furniture. It includes electrics, joinery, design, doors, ceilings and furniture.

Most flat pack installers charge $50 per hour. Depending on the complexity of your workstation setup, you might be paying 10% more or less.

Office fitout builders

Instead of ordering commercial furniture online, assemble and install the furniture in your office yourself. Fitout builders can help you get more out of your workspace. A well-planned floorplan and design with custom-built furniture will make a difference in the satisfaction of your space.

Office reconfiguration

Before relocating your business, you might want to consider to reconfigure the office. Moving desk and workstations around might allow you to be able to stay in your office for longer. When you reconfigure your workplace, hire a professional who has done it before. Office reconfiguration is one of the most underestimated tasks. If the projects get delayed businesses run into problems, hire a project manager who can support you during the entire process.

Furniture installers

Find local furniture installers who help you put together and place commercial furniture. Many Australian commercial furniture suppliers you find online offer installation services, These services will help you speed up your office relocation. There are many options when it comes to workstations, desk chairs, desks and other commercial furniture.

New office furniture

When buying large quantities of commercial furniture, make sure to compare several suppliers before making a decision. It sometimes pays off to outsource the furniture purchasing to a professional fitout company. They can help you select what furniture works best for your space, and can quite often provide you with a better furniture deal.

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