Where people work, things break, nothing new. Furniture defects and small fitout issues are unavoidable. However, to keep your business running without interruption it’s important to maintain the office space on a regular basis to keep it in a good condition. Most breakdowns and issues can be avoided by scheduling contractors for regular inspections and maintenance tasks. Not only will you prevent your business from being liable for any unforeseen health and safety violations. But a well-maintained office also helps employees’ job satisfaction and makes your business look professional for visiting clients and partners.


How to find and compare office building maintenance contractors

A quick search on Google will teach that there is a large number of contractors who provide maintenance services. It quickly gets tricky to find the right contractor in your area who can complete your project on time and within budget. At Neogo we strongly believe that when hiring a contractor you need to make sure they have a good reputation, work according to the latest health and safety standards, provide additional services such as interior design, fitout construction and also quote fairly. We’ve seen it way too often that small maintenance jobs go over budget because the wrong contractor has been appointed.

At NEOGO we want to prevent that from happening. We have a large network of fitout contractors who can help you with any maintenance work in the office. Every contractor has been vetted for quality standards and has been in business for multiple years.  When hiring a contractor via NEOGO you can select the services you require, schedule meetings to inspect the property, and easily receive quotes. 


What are general office maintenance services?

General office maintenance services can be split into 2 categories. Namely, Cleaning & Repairs, typically conducted by handymen, electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, commercial cleaning companies, or removalists. The other category; Small works are generally carried out by specialised office fitout contractors. 


Cleaning and Repairs

  • Chair and desk adjustments to meet ergonomic standards.
  • Furniture assembly and installation
  • Cleaning services
  • Window cleaning
  • Painting services 
  • Plumbing and electric work
  • HVAC servicing
  • Carpet cleaning


Small works

  • Partitioning (glass and gyprock)
  • Removal and adjustment of bathroom
  • Meeting room configuration
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Phonebooth placement
  • Custom joinery
  • Installing board room hardware
  • End of lease make-good
  • Doors and window repairs
  • Change of floor plan, including relocation and reconfiguration of furniture



When you have recently installed a brand new fitout, you want to make sure your workspace looks immaculate. It’s therefore recommended to put some budget aside for unpredictable defects in your office. According to an article published by Sydney Morning Herald; “Depending on the age of the facility, a typical office tower costs an average of $95,000 to $190,000 a year for routine maintenance management.”

It would be fair to budget around $10,000 to $15,000 per year for a typical floor in such a building. The article also states that facility manager Knight Frank was able to achieve meaningful savings and less downtime by adopting a predictive approach to building maintenance. 

Although you might not be responsible for a huge facility, budgeting in advance and having a reputable contractor on speed dial will help control maintenance costs for office spaces of any size.


Ready to hire a maintenance contractor?

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