When starting a business, small business owners often don’t think about how they’ll design their new office space. But if you’re not careful, it can be hard to grow your company when the physical environment is restricting. Here are six tips on how to design office space for growing companies:

1. Design your office space to reflect what you do for a living

It might be obvious, but the space of a design agency should be different to the space of an accounting or lawyer firm. The space your employees work in bring emotions that should match with the job requirements. Work that requires creative thinking is done much better in spaces that cater for creative thinking. A space with many colours, high ceilings, large table spaces and ample light will provide your employees with the space to be creative. Moreover, would you hire a creative agency who’s working from a dull office full of cubicles? Probably not. The space you house your business in should be in line with the activities and what both employees and customers expect from you.

2. Make sure the layout is conducive to collaboration and teamwork, but also private spaces

One of the most important things to think about when designing an office space is to think about the utilisation of the space. Since Covid has forced most workers to work from home, they have access to private space to complete individual work. Many businesses have offices that provide this space in their offices as well. But for the future, is this the ideal setup for your business? More and more Australian businesses are opting for more flexible workspaces where teams can sign in to and work together. WIth more than 60% of the workforce admitting to want to work from home at least 2 to 3 days a week, companies must reorganise their workspaces and cater for collaboration, more meeting rooms and less designated desks will keep a space useful for years to come.

3. Include lots of natural light in the office by using large windows or skylights

According to Harvard Business Review, natural light is one most of the important factors in employees’ happiness. At NEOGO, we think this will only become more important. Business owners will have to compete with the home situation and employees will opt to work from home if they are unhappy in the office setting.

4. Use neutral colours on walls and furniture that are easy to work with

Similar to natural light, colour can influence mood, productivity, culture and collaboration. As every office is different, the way colours and light play out can make or break your office design. Any interior designer will admit that colour is the most interesting effect to play within an office. Subtle colour changes can make a space feel high-energy or calm. It evokes emotions. Make sure these emotions are in line with what you expect from your staff. Use bright and warm colours in an office where you’d like people on the phones recruiting or conducting sales. Choose green and blue tints to create a tranquil environment.

5. Keep things organized (easily) so there’s no clutter- it can be distracting!

While most Australian businesses are choosing more hybrid solutions for their workspaces. It’s important to think about clutter. Where do you position desk and offices, where are the cables and joinery. And moreover, where will employees store their belongings, coats and bags. Providing enough space for the storage of employee belongings and files can change the total look of your workplace.

6. Hire a fitout professional to design and build your office space

The final tip, and probably the most important tip, hire a commercial fitout company to help you with your office space. A good commercial fitout company can help you with the design, project management and construction of the entire interior. They are the one-stop-shop for Small business owners who are looking to design the office space. You can find and compare quotes from qualified fitout companies using NEOGO. NEOGO allows you to reach out to multiple builders at once. The platform will find you available companies who have all the paperwork and accreditation to provide you with a workplace solution.

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