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On average, we’ve seen cafe fitouts cost range from $500 to $3500 per square metre.

Most coffee shop business owners will need additional financing which increases the overall costs. Note that there can be various tax benefits available for your business so make sure to check the ATO website.

First and foremost, the materials and the size of the space are the main cost drivers for your fitout. When it comes to the construction project itself. The location becomes relevant. Is there space for a skip bin? Do you need a traffic plan? Can delivery trucks easily access your location? And lastly, can contractors access the Jobsite during working hours? All these factors can have an impact on the total cost of your fitout, so make sure you understand that when getting started.

Any business in hospitality should be planning their interior design carefully. The concept of your interior translates to the perception of the quality of the food and drinks you serve. A rich and luxurious interior allows you to keep customers in your establishment for longer, and you might even get away with charging a premium. But always be mindful of your location and your competition. Your interior might also keep customers away.

Before hiring a fitout contractor, it’s good to understand the needs for your interior and what type of business you have. Create a collage, take pictures of spaces in other suburbs. It will help your contractor to understand what design and materials you want. Once your contractor understands your vision, they can help with the design process, which usually takes a few weeks to complete. After the design phase, it’s time to build fit out your interior. From construction to completion, it usually takes 4 to 6 months, depending on location, materials, and size of the space.

The hospitality sector is known for its tough competition. On average 80% of restaurants fail within the first 5 years. One reason for businesses losing its patrons is the fact that these businesses stop innovating, a new design can re-energize the area you’re located, but can also attract new demographics to your space. Sometimes renewing the concept of completely overhauling the concept of your business can boost your revenue and the number of clients you can welcome to your establishment.

renovation of a restaurant can become a costly project. Before engaging with a fitout specialist, it’s important to understand the goals of your redesign. In the end, you’re running a business, which means your space both needs to be inviting, but also functional. To achieve your business goals and the atmosphere you’re trying to create you need to understand what your customers want. If your customer is best served in a basic but functional interior, you might only need $500 per square metre. Whereas luxurious restaurant settings including furniture can cost up to $3500 per square metre.

Yes, a fitout is a sellable asset when selling your business. Especially in Hospitality, the fitout is a value-add to any business sales. 

Finding a good fitout specialist in your area can be tough. There are many choices, and it’s hard to find out whether you are paying the right amount for your project. NEOGO is a service that can help you find the best fitout company for the job. By posting your project requirements on the website, a network of 1200 pre-vetted fitout specialists have access to your job specs. You can easily get in touch with 3 companies who can provide you with a competitive quote. If you’re currently in the market for a new interior for your coffee shop, try finding fitout companies via this link.

When designing a restaurant it’s important to hire a specialised commercial fitout company. There are many regulations and guidelines in the hospitality industry you need to comply with, which makes it very hard for an inexperienced contractor to provide you with a good outcome. Think of work health and safety standards and functional spaces. Finding such a specialist can be very time-consuming. And how do you know you’re paying the right amount for the job. NEOGO’s service help you find a competitive quote for your new restaurant design. The service connects you with multiple pre-vetted contractors who provide a concept to completion service. If you are looking for a restaurant designer, you can request 3 quotes via this link.

About finding a cafe design and fitout company in VIC

Finding an interior designer and/or fitout company in VIC can become overwhelming. There are so many different contractors and ways to hire them. And where do you start your search? When starting the fitout process you want to find a contractor with extensive experience in project management as well as in the construction process. A fitout company who has experience in the hospitality industry and can provide you with a concept to completion solution may be exactly what you’re looking for. At NEOGO we have a large database of cafe fitout companies in our network who also employ inhouse design teams. By Requesting 3 quotes, NEOGO will automatically link you with the best contractors in the greater VIC area. It’s the easiest way coffee shops to find the perfect cafe designer and fitout company to build an amazing cafe with a great floorplan. 

How a well-designed restaurant interior impacts the customer experience

undoubtedly, the most exciting part for every restaurant owner is planning the layout and design of their restaurants. The interior of your dining space can make or break your business. When you look at most iconic restaurants around [location[, they all have a certain theme that represents the restaurant owner’s personality. We’re sure that you know what style you want, and also what food and drink you’ll be serving. It’s good to get the general ideas on a piece of paper before engaging a design studio or a fitout company. What is probably not on your mind yet, are the acoustics and the lighting. A restaurants acoustics are one of the most important factors for your customers’ experience. You might have been to a loud and noisy restaurant yourself, quite often people don’t rave about those experiences. Make sure when designing your space, to include plants and curtains to block some of the noise out. Also, chairs and sofas with cushions can do wonders for your acoustics. The other main factor is lighting. If you’re opening a cafe-style restaurant you may want to consider letting in as much natural light as possible. When you’re opening a dining restaurant your design and layout become important, make sure you have plenty of ambient light throughout the space and the somewhat brighter lights around your circulation spaces. In the end, restaurant interior designs and layouts are very important to the success of your business, so make sure you provide your target customers with a dining experience they won’t forget, and you’ll build a loyal customer base.

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