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Frequently asked questions

Currently, our platform is free to sign up for. You’ll receive notifications when we have found opportunities within your service area. You only pay us when you decide to reveal direct contact information and select a site inspection timeslot.

We charge a price per sqm, that starts at $1 per sqm and is capped at $2.5 per sqm.

We only reveal the direct contact information to the first 3 builders to purchase the opportunity. We use a first-come, first-serve model to ensure our customers receive a quick reply from a high-quality builder.

We have built in processes to assess the validity, quality and sincerity of the expressions of interest we receive. We also want commitment from clients to schedule 3 timeslots for site inspections, which removes friction when meeting the client.

Builders can request a refund for jobs when the contact information we have provided is incorrect or false. Contact us at and include the job ID to the email. Otherwise, reply to the job email we sent you.

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