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About the free fit out calculator

Neogo’s fitout calculator is completely free to use. Before starting a project and hiring a fitout specialist you should get a clear idea about the timeline and budget for your project. However, where do you start. In order to reduce friction, it’s good to have a rough estimate of what you’ll end up spending to build an interior for your business space.

Whether you’re fitting out an office, shop, cafe or a doctor’s practice, neogo’s project cost estimator helps you put a list of needs and wants together that help you get a better idea about how much you will spend. It’s the perfect tool for people who are considering fitting out their space, but don’t want to talk to builders for an accurate quote just yet. It’s free to use, so take it for a spin!

How to get accurate fitout costs in 7 steps

  • Define the floorspace your require
  • Decide what type of fitout you want
  • Think about extra amenities such as break out rooms, server rooms and kitchens
  • Use the Neogo calculator to estimate costs
  • Meet contractors to inspect your property and receive indicative estimates
  • Define the scope of work to the tee
  • Select a contractor, and request a detailed design and quote


Besides the expected expenses, offices can become extra expensive when you need additional acoustic treatments, Internal glass partitioning, high-level tile and carpet replacement. Before signing a lease, make sure to double-check this so you’re not running into surprises.

Reduce fitout project expenses by choosing an open plan layout, choose for minimal branding and colour changes. Flooring and ceiling are line items where there’s room to negotiate.

Some cost savers should be avoided at all time. For instance, make sure you invest in AFRDI rated seating, In Australia, you’re required to purchase seating of at least an AFRDI-6 rating to comply with WH&S regulations. Secondly, try to avoid imported board products (cabinets & desks). Although this is a tempting cost-saving, it can bite you in the long-run as supply and durability issues might surface later on. Lastly, make sure to have at least some ‘privacy’ rooms within your office. Business is harmed when there’s no place to discuss private matters.

According to various suppliers in the industry, businesses should budget fitouts at $500 per square meter.

In 2021, on average office fitouts in Australia are priced at $1500 per square meter.

This varies on the number of employees your business employs. By Australian law, you’d need 10 square meters per employee. However, many airconditioning systems are designed to support 13 square meters per employee. Larger operations generally use 20 square meters as a guideline to make sure their workspaces feel comfortable.

An open-plan office, is generally the cheapest option for businesses. Generally speaking, you should budget $500 to $600 per square meter depending on the location and state of the building. Generally, this type of fitout would include furniture, simple board room setting and a kitchenette. An open plan fitout budget would be at least $6500 per employee ($500 * 13 sq. meters).

Mid-range fitouts project expenses range from $900 to $1400. You can expect a normal fitout with a few extra luxurious while remaining affordable to most businesses. A mid-range fitout generally includes high-quality furniture, AV infrastructure, restrooms (shower), reception and specific brand decor. Generally, you’d allow for more space per employee and end up with a budget of $18000 per employee ($900 * 20 sq. meters).

When business is thriving and you’re after an executive / high range fitout, be prepared to spend over $2000 per square meter. The type of business who are after executive office fitouts with custom designs will spend on average $40,000 per employee.

Demolition, strip out and make good cost are on average between $65 and $130 per square meter.

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First time being in charge of a fitout project?

If this is the first time you are in charge of an office relocation/fitout project. You’re probably educating yourself about the required budget, fitout options and legal requirements. By now, there’s a good chance this has all become very overwhelming. At Neogo we want to help you. Give you a better idea about the fitout options and help you select the right contractor for your project. The commercial property market in Australia is hard to navigate, different fitout companies, different quotes, different lease terms and a lot of agents. Neogo allows you to find, meet and compare design and construct fitout specialists by submitting one project brief. It’s the easiest way to get in touch with a respectable partner to make your office relocation project a success.

Determine the right scope of work

Before you engage a builder it’s important to determine a scope of works with business leaders. Creating a space for your business that represents your culture and brand will help you achieve business goals. By now, you might have found the perfect property for your new headquarters. Yet, you might want to get a better understanding of all the different spaces and rooms you may require. At Neogo we recommend getting your scope of work defined to the tee when talking to fitout contractors.

To mitigate the risk of projects running over budget, Neogo helps businesses to choose and select vetted builders. All builders within the Neogo network are vetted, have the right documentation and meet the highest quality standards. They are experts in determining the scope of work before work commences.

Neogo helps you find and select local fitout companies

Your office is one of the most important investments in your business. Selecting the right partner is key to the success of your relocation project. Use Neogo to find and compare builders. With Neogo you enter 1 project brief, tell builders when and where they can meet you to inspect the property, discuss the scope of work and forward design ideas. Instead of phoning multiple builders, Neogo helps you start your project right as we only work with vetted and licensed, well-regarded fitout specialists.