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Lipman Pty Ltd was founded by Phillip Lipman 50 years ago with a deliberate commitment to “co-operative contracting”. As the company grew, he attracted staff with similar values and commitment to further develop a culture which was based on open and honest communication developing mutual respect and trust. The subsequent company leadership has continued to nurture these ideals both within the Company and in the way it undertakes business with those outside it. Our people are our most important asset – our reputation, our attitudes, our professionalism, our competencies and our culture are all wrapped up in the people who form the Lipman Team. In that regard, we believe that we have the best people in the industry. We have built this team over the years by carefully nurturing, training and retaining staff who are a match with our corporate culture. Those people that have displayed the highest levels of integrity, creativity, co-operation and professionalism are rewarded and provided with support and opportunity. With an average length of service exceeding 14 years in our group of over 100, you can be sure in the stability of our team and the consistency of performance and culture. That’s why so many clients and subcontractors have formed such long standing relationships with our team!

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Lipman Pty

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